Herbert 'Cowboy' Coward

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متولد : در South Carolina, USA

1963, Ghost town in the Sky with Herbert "Cowboy" Coward on the right and Tic Rich on the left. This photograph was made before the accident at Ghost Town that caused Herbert to loose his front teeth as seen in Deliverance (the toothless man). Main Street shootout with Herbert Robert Doyle Teaster as "Digger the Undertaker" at the Wild West Show "Ghost Town in the Sky" in 1962. Most famous photo showing young Herbert Herbert Herbert Behind the Scenes - DJ Perry, Robert Bradley, Herbert "Cowboy" Coward, Bill McKinney, Dean Teaster, and Anthony Hornus at the reunion of Herbert Coward and Bill McKinney after 34 years since Deliverance. On the set of Ghost Town "The Movie" filmed in Canton (North Hominy, Rocky Face Mountain) North Carolina.
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