Zeke Rippy

Zeke Rippy is a graduate of the Neighborhood Playhouse in New York City and is currently on the Level 3 waiting list with The Groundlings. He is also creator of the LA based sketch comedy group, "The
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Zeke Rippy Zeke Rippy Zeke Rippy
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Straight Right Jason Walton
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مخفی مخفی نمایش نمایش بازیگر (5)
2007 Being Michael Madsen Being Michael Madsen ( فیلم )
در نقش Teddy Gold

2005 Welcome to Earth Welcome to Earth ( فیلم )
در نقش Albert

2001 The Wind The Wind ( فیلم )
در نقش Mic

2000 Resurrection Blvd. Resurrection Blvd. ( سریال )
در نقش Waiter

2000 Straight Right Straight Right ( فیلم )
در نقش Jason Walton

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