Bill Russell

The term Dynasty might have never applied to Basketball had it not been for Bill Russell. In the History of professional sports there has never been an athlete who has more accolades or championships,
سن :85 , قد : 2.07 m , تعداد همسر : 4

Bill Russell in Saturday Night Live (1975) Bill Russell Walt Frazier and Bill Russell Bill Russell, David Stern, and Teresa Weatherspoon Bill Russell
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Miami Vice Judge Roger Ferguson
It Takes a Thief George the Butler
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1986 Miami Vice Miami Vice ( سریال )
در نقش Judge Roger Ferguson

1981 On the Right Track On the Right Track ( فیلم )
در نقش Robert

1973 Love, American Style Love, American Style ( سریال )
در نقش Mayfield

1972 Soul Train Soul Train ( سریال )
در نقش Guest

1971 Rowan & Martin Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In ( سریال )
در نقش Guest Performer

1971 The Bill Cosby Show The Bill Cosby Show ( سریال )
در نقش Male Teacher #1

1968 It Takes a Thief It Takes a Thief ( سریال )
در نقش George the Butler

1967 Cowboy in Africa Cowboy in Africa ( سریال )
در نقش Ranch Hand

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