Mauro Lannini

Mauro Lannini comes from a working-class family, the middle child of three sons. His parents divorced when he was about 10. Not longer after that, due to poverty, he and his brothers lived in several
سن :53 , قد : 1.7 m
متولد : در Rome, Lazio, Italy

مشهور در فیلم های :

The Boston Strangler Albert DeSalvo
For Which It Stands U.S. Army Ranger
Real Hollywood Meeting The Cinematographer
Squeegees Crime Boss
فیلم های این هنرمند :
پرش به : بازیگر
مخفی مخفی نمایش نمایش بازیگر (4)
2008 Squeegees Squeegees ( فیلم داستانی )
در نقش Crime Boss

2007 Real Hollywood Meeting Real Hollywood Meeting ( فیلم )
در نقش The Cinematographer

2006 The Boston Strangler The Boston Strangler ( ویدئو )
در نقش Albert DeSalvo

2003 For Which It Stands For Which It Stands ( فیلم کوتاه )
در نقش U.S. Army Ranger

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