1915 The Amateur Prodigal

رده سنی  |   |  درام  |  1915-February-19  |  ساخت (USA)
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John Andrews, a wealthy young clubman, returns to his apartment one night and finds a man under the bed. He hauls him out, and after a fierce struggle takes a gun away from him. He then throws him out. Returning to the room he finds an opened envelope addressed to Mr. John Andrews, Superior Apartments, Cleveland, O. He does not remember opening any such letter, but this is his name and address, so he reads the note. It is signed "your sister Ruth." It tells how his mother is now totally blind, and can do nothing but sit and remember and pray for his return. Andrews is puzzled, but is still more vexed when he receives more letters to the same effect, begging him to come home to his dying mother. After some hesitation he decides to carry out an adventure, so goes to the small town in response to the urging letters. He is greeted with open arms by the girl who has been signing her name "sister Ruth." He is ushered to the bedside of an old lady, who throws her arms about him after being told that he is her son. She dies, happy that her boy had returned to her. It seems years ago, a John Andrews, her son, had been sent to prison. Now that she was about to die, she longed to have him with her once more. His last address was Superior Apartments, Cleveland. Most of the letters fell into the hands of a different John Andrews at the same address. While the adventurer is at the Andrews home, the real son arrives. It is then clear to him that the man he found in his apartment stands before him. He later discovers that he was the janitor, and while ransacking his room had dropped this letter. He gives the ex-convict money to get out of town. He later confesses to Ruth that he is not her brother and asks her to marry him. She has fallen in love with him and consents.



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